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Platform as A Service – PaaS for Maximo on Mobile Platform

Problem Statement: One of our clients was required to expose key functionality from the enterprise Maximo suite to fleet business users on the Win 10 platform. These users wanted to be able to leverage mobile friendly UI, without compromising performance or security. All access will be via corporate WiFi and/or Cisco VPN. Users had client furnished ruggedized W10 Getac devices.

Salient Features of Proposed Solution:

• Team GoldenTech leveraged microservices and cloud native architecture to bring scalability and security to the fleet users. Containerized services were hosted in the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) environment.

• All traffic into the API layer was managed by APIGEE layer to introduce scalability and security.

• PCF hosted microservices allowed end-users to get relevant Maximo functionality without having to deal with the traditional UI. Client wanted to follow a private cloud pattern given the sensitivity of the data. All the containers were hosted via on-prem servers.

• Cloud native architecture allowed the client to shift any of the hosted services from on-prem to a Kubernetes supported environment in AWS or Azure.

• Security between each layer was handled via separate tokens i.e. SAML 2.0, JWT and oAUTH 2.0

• APIGEE was able to authenticate with a special mobile Maximo JVM that was enabled with SAML auth provider. Post authentication, all cookies created by Maximo i.e. JSession and LPTA2 were stored in a secure/encrypted location on the client tablet. 

Problem Statement: One of our clients was required to expose key functionality from the enterprise Maximo suite to contract users who were not onboarded via HR system. Given that there were close to 1500 to 2000 contractors who needed access to Maximo WO and job data, our client did not want to invest money in onboarding all these contractors on a temporary basis due to the overhead cost from HR, legal and background checks. The client only wanted to expose this data in a secure manner without compromising the network and security integrity of internal infrastructure.

Salient Features of Proposed Solution: Lead the design team for exposing key Maximo functionality to non-native provision-ed users up via MFA (multi-factor authentication).

• Leverage Azure cloud based Active Directory for external user provisioning. GoldenTech advised client on key components of setting up contractors via a stand-alone Azure tenant.

• Implement key architectural design patterns to use NetScalar’s Secure Access Gateway (SAG) to allow a non-native provisioned user to authenticate via Azure AD, which in turn serves as a SAML ID provider. The SAG authenticates to internal enterprise systems like Maximo, FileNet and SSRS via KCD (Kerberos Constrained Delegation)