Data Sciences


Machine Learning

GoldenTech empowers our customers with critical intel based on the unorganized data streams. We employ ML algorithms to solve some of the most challenging problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Our data scientists employ best in class AI algorithms to solve problems ranging from ChatBots that helps our customers deliver digital content.

Big Data

GoldenTech engineers use big data analytics to help our customers harness the power of their data and use it to identify new strategic insights. This leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

Deep Learning

GoldenTech data scientists deep learning architectures to allow our clients to develop innovative solutions to solve tactical problems

Case Study 1 - Fleet Analytics Solution

GoldenTech was able to assist one of our customer’s in the area of machine learning by saving them personnel and logistics for maintenance of its fleet assets that included light duty trucks. We were able to deploy a predictive analytics solution to come up with a unique solution for determining ‘repair v/s replace’ options for a fleet of over 10,000 light duty trucks. Our team leveraged on-board telematics from fleet assets to a cloud-based SAP analytics engine to deliver predictive model for fleet technicians. The solution provided out client with a targeted list of assets that needed to be replaced based on the preventative maintenance history coming out of the asset management tool. Our client was able to deliver cost savings attributable to decreased manual processing of information.

Case Study 2 - Supply Chain rebates solution

Problem Statement: Our client had 2 different work management systems that were used within the Supply Chain organization, and used similar, yet disparate lifecycle management approaches when it came to contracts, SoWs, MSAs etc. The customer did not have visibility into contract spend, vendor overlap between systems, and most importantly it lacked the tactical ability to check rebate clauses on contracts across the enterprise.

Our Approach: GoldenTech offers our technical capabilities and deep understanding to in ML domain via our past performance referencing Machine Learning platforms that deliver enterprise-wide costs savings in future acquisition planning by parsing out rebate and bulk discount clauses in contract documents. Our solution was able to parse documents via S3 buckets running in a containerized infrastructure via Kofax and ML. We were successful in the provision of overall architectural oversight and analysis design to deliver this high-performance solution. 

MD - Operations

Theo Davis

Theodore “Theo” Davis, Jr. joined Golden Tech Systems in September 2023 following a distinguished career as an Army Logistics Officer spanning over three decades. His extensive expertise encompasses various roles across the Tactical, Operational, and
Strategic domains within the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army.

He possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Administrative Justice and is
a graduate of the prestigious Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC).

He is recognized for his adept logistical prowess and demonstrated strategic acumen; and excels as a leader with a natural capacity for effective communication, influence, and achieving exceptional outcomes. He is a distinguished recipient of the Honorable Order of Saint Christopher Award, the Honorable Order of Saint Martin Award, and the Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe.

General Counsel

Matt Villmer

Matt Villmer is an attorney with over 14 years of experience in both business law and litigation. Matt helps his business clients navigate their complex legal issues with creative problem solving. Whether it’s in the boardroom or in the courtroom, Matt works hard to make sure his clients succeed.

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Langevin

Mr. Langevin provides hands-on executive leadership for the company’s overall fiscal and administrative infrastructure including finance and accounting, planning and reporting, and pricing. With 30 years of experience in government and commercial contracting, Mr. Langevin has broad achievements in both private industry and public service.Throughout his career Mr. Langevin has held similar positions contributing to growth, profitability, and business process improvements. An expert in government contracting, major initiatives to which Mr. Langevin has contributed in leadership roles include mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of various sizes and complexity, company divestitures, and business system transformations. Mr. Langevin has an established track record of innovative process improvements, government compliance, and key contract wins.A graduate of the University of Massachusetts – N. Dartmouth, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in business, majoring in accounting. He is an honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran, and has passed the CPA examination in Virginia.
Chief Operating Officer


Jackie Pinkston joined Golden Tech Systems with over thirty-five years of combined experience from serving active duty in the Navy and working for Department of Defense to include both F/A-18 and Joint Strike Fighter programs, the Intel Community, Department of Veteran Affairs and NATO. 

She completed her bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of LaVerne while working full time in Naples, Italy and a Master of Business Administration degree from The George Washington University in Strategic Management and Public Policy.  She is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and holds a Master Professional Certification from the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

Her corporate expertise includes Civil and Global Defense Sectors overseeing Army, Joint Combatant Commands and 4th Estate accounts. She is a known Subject Matter Expert in Procurement and will be a valuable source to provide advisement on complex procurement matters, the development of strategic objectives and business priorities. She is relied upon to oversee operations, to provide program guidance and ensure company strategies maintain a focus on client relationships and business optimization initiatives.

Operations Manager

Josh Chibb

“Josh Chibb joined GoldenTech as an intern in 2021 and has become the company’s lead operations analyst since then. He reviews company procedures and finds areas of improvement, as well as builds strong customer relationships.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in neurobiology and physiology from the University of Maryland. Here, he was on the executive board of CORA (Combatting Overdoses in Rural Areas) and founded project We Recover Together. Since graduating, Josh is still involved in the non-profit’s efforts.”

Chief Growth Officer

Raul Jurado

Raul Jurado joined Golden Tech Systems with over thirty years of combined experience as a Medical Service Corps Officer in the US Army and as a Federal business development executive focused on the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Florida International University and a Masters degree in Health Care Administration from Baylor University.

His corporate expertise includes Federal business and strategic account development, and sales initiatives resulting in multimillion dollar annual growth on numerous federal contract awards. 

Director Operations

Genesis Brunner

Genesis Brunner spent 8 years in the US Army before coming to GoldenTech. Some of her time was spent in USSOCOM where she gained training in foreign affairs, mission capability, planning assets and execution management. She also has multi-DoD experience and Interagency Aviation planning & execution experience from her time spent overseas. At GoldenTech Mrs. Brunner directs all our Operations, that includes Recruiting/HR and also leads the Digital Marketing capability team. 


Jeremy Horsley

Jeremy Horsley serves as GoldenTech’s Facility Security Officer (FSO) since 2021. As FSO, he is directly responsible for ensuring that GoldenTech stays in compliance with NISPOM guidelines. He runs the background checks and site visit requests for our employees.

Managing Director

Rick Hudson

Rick Hudson joined the Golden Tech team in 2022 with 30 years’ experience in engineering development, operations, software systems and program management. Over the course of his career, he has served as an engineering officer in the US Air Force, in the private sector (with work on projects in Europe and Asia), in the US Intelligence Community, and in academia. He holds a US Patent in Computer Vision by virtue of his private sector work and received multiple exceptional performance awards from his Intelligence Community service.

Rick holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Political Science and the other in Engineering Science, Mechanics, and Materials, (both awarded with honors); a Master’s in Engineering Management – all from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte; and completed a Senior Executive Program in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He is a member of the OSS Society and the National Defense Industrial Association. 

MD - Operations

Jennifer Hemingway

Jennifer Hemingway has been with Golden Tech Systems since 2020 and is serving as the MD – Operations. Jennifer has over 15 years of corporate experience in chemical engineering, Cyber development, Energy sector, Utilities, Finance, and project management.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology from Francis Marion University, a Masters degree from Stanford University in Management Science and Engineering, and is a certified Project Manager from Duke University.

Her experience has led her to an operational focused approach with extensive technical knowledge and skills for development, training, and operations.

Managing Director - USAF

Murray Roberts

Almost 40 years of USAF, USSF, Joint, and IC experience, with expertise in operations, training, requirements development, program management, war planning, Information Warfare, and business development.

Unique background combines combat proven operational foundation with focused cyber technology research — resulting in a true Trusted Advisor status. 12+ years “direct to customer” providing cyber requirements support, budgeting, strategic planning, and daily operations support.

18 years of business development, capture, and proposal development experience in pursuit of DoD contracts; participated in writing, creating staffing plans, and pricing for over 32 task order and ID/IQ bids.

6+ years providing program manage and directorate level leadership for cyber and intelligence contracts – responsible for profit and loss revenue goals.

Retired AF fighter pilot, with an operations focused approach to technical development. A-10s, F-15E, & T-38 instructor experience helps support AF leadership with technical solutions and commercial best practices for real world operations.

Fluent in cyberspace development, operations, training, modeling and simulation, and classified operations 

Managing Director

Kyle Caddell

Commercial Business Development

Kyle Caddell is a 30 year veteran of the sports marketing industry that has included time with the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, Tar Heel Sports Marketing, Chip Ganassi Racing, and the PGA TOUR.

Kyle is currently entering his 10 th year as the Founder of Synergy5, a sales and marketing agency that specializes in helping companies develop and implement successful business development strategies. Synergy 5 also executes community impact initiatives for major brands like Duke Energy.

As a Charlotte native, a graduate of the University of North Carolina and a passionate supporter of the Heels. He played collegiate baseball at UNC and at Wake Forest University. Kyle and his wife Robin reside in Charlotte and have three children. In the community, the Caddell family is members of Providence United Methodist Church and Kyle is a past board member of the Harris YMCA. 


Pushpinder Garcha

Pushpinder Singh Garcha founded Golden Tech Systems in 2007, and has been serving as it’s President since 2011. Pushpinder Garcha has over 18 years of corporate experience in various sectors of the industry that spans from finance to utilities. He provides leadership and strategic oversight to the firm. He is responsible for leading Golden Tech’s path in to the federal marketplace and expanding commercial business.

He has an bachelors degree in electrical engineering from University of Bombay and masters degree in computer science from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is active within his local community and passionate about civil rights and minority affairs. He serves on the board of Sikh Heritage Society of Charlotte and UNITED SIKHS.